This is a picture of me Ms. Erin Ms .Brigid and Mr. Mitchell. When I was in camp this summer I had a crush on 3 ladies as friends not girlfriends their names were Ms. Brigid Ms. Erin And Ms. Maggie.

This is a picture of me Ms. Brigid and Ms. Maggie. what I know about these ladies is that they both are teachers I like them and they are pretty woman, I even write stories about them. In camp this summer Ms. Brigid taught me a new word which was historical because when she read my story it was very funny. 

 This is a picture of me and Ms. Maggie Saliba.What I know about Ms. Maggie Saliba is that she is a teacher and she lives in New Hampshire. She is 19 years old and her birthday is March 15th 1991.

This is a picture of my class picture. What we did over the summer was we did some reading and writing had some gym time watched a movie used the laptop and I pad went outside to ride bikes have fun and play games.


This is a picture of Me, Mr. Brendan Bean, Mr. Jim Bean,  Ms. Erin Bean, Ms. Brigid Murphy and Ms. Maggie Saliba. What I like about these teachers is that they are sometimes funny make funny faces like Ms. Erin Bean and Ms. Brigid Murphy. I like to sometimes write stories about them.

This is a picture of me and Mr.Will. The reason why i like Mr.Will Wiggins is because he has the Dreadlocks on his Head and he's a nice guy.

This is a Picture of Me, Mr .Jim Bean, Ms. Erin Bean and Mr. Brendan Bean. 

This is a picture of Me, Randy, Rotimi, Fernando and Perry holding up our flowers. The reason why we were holding up our ice cream cones so we can look nice.

This is a picture of me and my teacher ( Ms.Sarah Dunn). The reason why I like Ms.Sarah Dunn is because she has short hair, a nice teacher and she lets me break after I finish my work.