Sports Teams I Like

These are pictures of Al Harris.  Al.Harris used to be a corner back of the Green Bay Packers ,
he no longer plays for the Green Bay Packers, but in these pictures are some great plays he did for the Green Bay Packers.

In this picture Al Harris is putting his hands up because his team beat the Chicago Bears 34-21 at Lambeau Field In Green Bay Wisconsin in 2003.

In this picture, Al Harris returned a 56 yard interception for a touchdown against the Lions on September 14th 2003 in Green Bay Wisconsin. Also in this picture, the Packers forced three turnovers and won the game 31-6.

In this picture, David Boston fails to hang onto the ball against the Packers at Qualcomm stadium on December 14th 2003. The Packers won this game 38-21.

 In this picture, Nick Barnett intercepts a Joey Harrington pass at Lambeau Field In Green Bay Wisconsin on September 14th 2003, The Packers won this game 31-6 over the visiting Lions

Images taken from Getty Images website.